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Allow us to introduce ourselves.
Welcome Welcome and thank you for visiting Special Child, an online publication dedicated to parents of children with special needs. Please take a moment to sign our Guestbook so that we may keep you apprised ...

Editor's Note
From a mother who's been there.
Editor's Note A mother should never have to choose between her children. She should never have to decide which one has more important needs than the other. She should never have to suppress the life of one child so that the other ...

Success Stories
From the first smile to the first step!
Success Stories My daughter, Aimee, is autistic. She didn’t talk and would not give me any eye contact. I had traveled to visit my mother, and before I left, I had purchased pull-ups for nighttime, but I forgot to bring them ...

Horror Stories
Turning negative events into positive learning experiences.
Horror Stories When my son had his G-tube stoma re-positioned (the first one was so high that it rubbed against his ribs as the ribs grew, and took 2 years to "prove," by way of scar path), the GI doctor told me there was an outside chance ...

Family Issues
Words of wisdom from our experts.
Family Issues Support groups don’t seem to work for me. I do get something out of them when I’m there, but day in and day out, sometimes it feels like more than I can bear. Is there anything else that I can try? This is a question I ...

Disorder Zone
Promoting awareness of our children's disorders.
Disorder Zone The Zone is a great place to learn about all types of disorders! With each new issue, we will provide useful and interesting highlights of a specific disorder, which afterwards, will then be added into our Disorder Zone Archives.

Diagnosis Search
Assisting those in need of answers.
Diagnosis Search This is a special feature for parents whose children do not have a specific diagnosis. We ask that everyone take a moment to visit this page; you may be the one to help a parent find a long-awaited diagnosis!

Bulletin Board
Where parents exchange the recipes of life.
Bulletin Board Our bulletin board is a great interactive place to exchange information, post items you have for sale, and make new friends. If you enjoy networking with others, then this feature is a daily must.

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